Our client needs are not standard and they do not have to adjust to whatever is already preset. At INNOCV we adapt ourselves to their needs developing ad hoc products that will successfully fulfill all their needs. Contact us, share with us your needs and we will be pleased to help you fulfill them.

Software is in our DNA. That is what we know and what we do. We focus on one thing and we master it. All our efforts are directed towards improving our services so we can achieve clients’ satisfaction and our own. We develop all types of software projects such as Web applications and native applications for Window, Linux or Mac, as well as mobile applications.

We take care of software architecture itself: the solution and managing the application life cycle. We do it every step of the way from taking requirements up to the final implementation at our clients’ servers or sceneries cloud-base.
We firmly believe in the benefits of agile methodologies. Our projects are managed following Scrum standards of two or three iterations, ensuring project’s delivery in cost and in time.

We usually develop code on Java or .NET (Microsoft) but we are capable of carrying out projects in other methodologies such us PHP, Ruby, Perl, among others. We like software and we understand concepts and requirements therefore we are capable of adapting to our client needs with full guarantee. We have experience working with any type of software architectures and components. We have migrated preexisting software (COBOL, Speedware, VB) to more updated architectures that are easier to maintain.

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We mainly do turnkey Projects but we also work with Bag hours.